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Dead isn’t always followed by and gone.

An all but forgotten cold case, all for one person that is. No one in their right mind would go back again… Right mind? Correct!

Frozen Summer is the nickname Dan Calder’s girlfriend Tara gives to a cold case, the coldest one of all. Who else but Calder would contemplate investigating an unsolved killing where he’s the only suspect?

Psychologically tortured by Zoe Summers death to this day. Being there, being involved, covering it up.

Armed with the police files from the original investigation, now he can inject his own witness evidence into the mix to generate new leads.

The time’s come to revisit the scene of his blackest experience in order to try and move on once and for all. At stake are the relationships with Tara, their new son Bradley and possibly his very liberty.

One way or another it ends here.

Right here, right now.


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FROZEN SUMMER is available from Amazon's Kindle for $4.99* from 8 February 2021. Just click the Buy Now button below to visit and pre-order.


Dan Calder is back.

Back in his native England once again; to help his best friend and ex-partner Nick Hetherington. Nick’s daughter has been arrested in connection with the death of a Nottingham prostitute.

Back to face his darkest moment; as old acquaintances and old enemies set his cupboard full of skeletons rattling once more. ‘The Second Grave’ has Calder facing the battle of his life to fulfil a solemn promise to his dearest friend.

New foes including a local gangster are prepared to do anything to prevent the truth being revealed. Left at home in New Zealand, Calder’s girlfriend Tara senses he also views this return as an opportunity to settle old scores.

Time and the odds are against him; incredibly so too the upholders of law itself, his beloved police force.

Rushing headlong towards the past; whoever coined the phrase you couldn’t even make this stuff up was very wrong.


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THE SECOND GRAVE is available from Amazon's Kindle for $3.99* from 8 January 2021. Just click the Buy Now button below to visit and pre-order.

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Dan Calder is an ex Brit and ex policeman looking for a fresh start in a new country but still carrying the baggage of failed relationships and a depressed, repressed past. He chose New Zealand because it was as far as he could get from his old life but did not take into account the universal six degrees of separation is no more than two or three in the land of the long white cloud. The Agency provides a service like no other and New Zealand is the ideal location to find a new client. When Calder first encounters it by sheer chance, his life instantly changes and before long others are depending on him too. Engaged in a deadly game with an unknown foe; this was not the new life Dan Calder planned for himself but now at stake is the ultimate reward; his own salvation.



THE AGENCY is available from Amazon's Kindle for $2.99* Just click the Buy Now button below to visit and buy.

The Ideas Man 


David Peerman is ‘The Ideas Man’. He works long hours for New York’s Department of Sanitation, but the rest of his life is devoted to caring for his 13 year old daughter Trisha. Stricken with a rare and chronic immune deficiency disorder, Trisha is confined to their apartment 24/7. Within its walls, David has created a safe and sanitised environment for Trisha; one which not only keeps her safe, but fit and healthy, educated and entertained

This is the book Ian wrote to prove to himself he could do it.



Also by Ian Austin.