Ian Austin was born in England but now lives in Auckland, New Zealand.


After an unremarkable school life, he drifted in and out of jobs before finding his salvation in the Hampshire Police, where he began a career as a constable and later a detective. He also spent time as a tactical firearms officer, covert surveillance operative and National Crime Squad trainer. Ian transferred to the New Zealand Police in 2003, having fallen in love with the country and the Kiwi way of life after several visits. 


He left the police force in 2006 to set up his own training and consultancy business, and now lives in Auckland with his partner Sallie. Between them, they have five children spread across New Zealand, Australia and England. 

This is what the end of a marathon looks like

Hampshire Police fireams team taking a 5 minute break around 1999

New Zealand Police 2003

The view to the left of my office at home...


.... And the right


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